Larvae Information Summary for  Scopelarchus guentheri
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Main Ref: Watson, W. and E.M. Sandknop 1996
Yolk-sac larvae
  max min mod Ref.
Length at birth (mm) 3.5      
Preanal L. % TL 53 37    
Place of development planktonic
Larval area Northeastern Pacific (California Current Region); Northwestern Pacific (Japan)
Yolk-sac       Ref:  
Yolk   Oil globules  
Rows on tail  
Other melanophores on tail  
Post larvae
Striking feature other
Striking shape lateral normal (not striking) dorsal  
Striking feature other
Shape of gut elongated
Gas bladder   early absent late absent
Spinal armature   early no spines late no spines
Pigmentation early
Rows on tail no rows
Other melanophores on tail no other melanophores
Melanophores on head + trunk no melanophores on head or trunk
Pigmentation late
Rows on tail no rows
Other melanophores on tail one dorso-ventral cluster or band
Melanophores on head + trunk melanophores on trunk
Urostyle region   early unpigmented late unpigmented
Peritoneum with row of melanophores
Pectorals normal without melanophores
Pelvics fin rays only without melanophores
Peritoneal pigment present midway to anteriorly over gut by 6 mm, dorsolateral pair added posteriorly by 8.4 mm; laterally on caudal peduncle after 15-16 mm. Pigmentation: Preflexion-flexion: single peritoneal patch above mid-gut by about 6 mm, usually shifts slightly cephalad by about 10 mm; pair of dorsolateral peritoneal patches posteriorly by 8.4 mm. Postflexion: few externally over hypural area by 15-16 mm, spreading cephalad as dorsolateral and ventrolateral stripes adjacent to lateral midline beginning at about 25 mm; internally on hindbrain by 28 mm. Transformation: externally over midbrain by 33 mm, spreading over forebrain by about 42 mm; on snout, upper jaw, and gular membrane; on dorsal fin by 42 mm; peritoneal sections fuse. Sequence of fin development: caudal, pectorals, anal, dorsal, pelvics.
Meristic characters
  max min mod Ref.
Total number of myomeres 50 46   35929
  L 1st feeding Ref. Months of presence of larvae
max     Jan Feb Mar Apr
min   May Jun Jul Aug
mod     Sep Oct Nov Dec
Water parameters     Metric characters
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