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Crenicichla chicha Varella, Kullander & Lima, 2012
Accepted name
Check Catalog of Fishes: Genus: Crenicichla; Species: chicha; Original reference
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senior synonym, original combination
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  Etymology of Generic name : 
Latin, crenulatus = cut, clipped + Greek, kichle = wrasse (Ref. 45335).
Etymology of specific name : 
Named as homage to the Paresi (or Halíti), one of the indigenous groups originally living in the Mato Grosso plateau in the region of the upper rio Juruena basin. The specific name refers to 'chicha' festivities of these people, in what they meet to drink 'olóniti', a beverage made with roasted tapioca (cassava starch) of mandioca brava (bitter cassava), dance, and sing their myths. Nowadays, these celebrations occur mainly when they conclude rites of individual passage - nomination of children and pubertal girls, or within a timetable ritual, such the first harvest time of a culture of cassava. A noun in apposition.
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Accepted name

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