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n = 6   (FB = 5, OBIS = 1)      View map: Google Map | C-squares Mapper | KGS Mapper | CRIA Mapper
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Name used Year Latitude Longitude Catalog No. Information
Chaenophryne ramifera198330.47-80.028909805 Portal: OBIS. Source: ARC
Observed Length Range: 44 TL. Specify's Scientific Name: Chaenophryne ramifera.
Chaenophryne ramifera Regan & Trewavas, 193219287.17-78.25ZMUC P92119Gulf of Panama
Portal: FB. Source: ZMUC
Chaenophryne ramifera1968-3.00-26.27ISH 925-1968Expedition
Portal: FB. Source: ISH
Chaenophryne ramifera19684.18-24.65ISH 765-1968Expedition
Portal: FB. Source: ISH
Chaenophryne ramifera1971-2.45-19.00ISH 2247-1971Expedition, Salinity: 34,494 (625m)
Portal: FB. Source: ISH
Chaenophryne ramifera1971-8.18-14.20ISH 2057-1971Expedition, Salinity: 34,530%o (623m)
Portal: FB. Source: ISH
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