Ecology of Gymnothorax moringa
Main Ref. Randall, J.E., 1967
Marine - Neritic
  • supra-littoral zone
  • littoral zone
  • sublittoral zone
Marine - Oceanic
  • epipelagic
  • mesopelagic
  • epipelagic
  • abyssopelagic
  • hadopelagic
  • estuaries/lagoons/brackish seas
  • mangroves
  • marshes/swamps
  • rivers/streams
  • lakes/ponds
  • caves
  • exclusively in caves
Highighted items on the list are where Gymnothorax moringa may be found.
Remarks Nocturnal (Ref. 118228). A benthic and solitary species (Ref. 26340) abundant in shallow rocky and grassy areas and on coral reefs; less common in turbid bays or harbors. Its bite is very dangerous (Ref. 5217). Cleaned by Pederson's cleaner shrimp (Periclimenes pedersoni) and goby (Gobiosoma evelynae and others) as observed on the coral reefs in Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles (Ref. 36810, 58534). Prefers to move and feed both on calm and inclement nights; fish consumption was higher though on inclement nights. Specializes on crabs as prey (Ref. 54519). Typically hidden during the day, often seen with their protruding heads from holes in the reef. Forages mainly in open seagrass beds. Documented for the first time to attack and swallow whole (within 10 to 15s) an injured adult red lionfish without being enticed (Ref. 118228).


Substrate : rocky;
Substrate Ref.
Special habitats Beds: sea grass; Coral Reefs;
Special habitats Ref. Martin, F.D. and J.W. Patus, 1984


Associated with
Association remarks


Feeding type mainly animals (troph. 2.8 and up)
Feeding type ref Randall, J.E., 1967
Feeding habit hunting macrofauna (predator)
Feeding habit ref Randall, J.E., 1967
Trophic level(s)
Original sample Unfished population Remark
Estimation method Troph s.e. Troph s.e.
From diet composition 4.50 0.80 4.32 0.70 Troph of juv./adults from 1 study.
Ref. Randall, J.E., 1967
From individual food items 4.22 0.70 Trophic level estimated from a number of food items using a randomized resampling routine.
(e.g. 346)
(e.g. cnidaria)
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